This Website is composed of two main components:

  • Ghost CMS
  • Valkyrie Ghost Theme

To get started I had to decide on a framework. I've dabbled with static-site-builders and Wordpress a good deal and neither satisfied. So I ended up stumbling across Ghost CMS.

Why Ghost

Ghost has enough flexibility to allow me to tinker. But it's not too cumbersome where it rapidly becomes unmanageable. At least I thought it would do that, and so far so good. Plus it was well recommended thru the various forums.

Before definitively deciding on Ghost I made sure to look at themes. Ghost does not have nearly as many available as say wordpress, which isn't surprising. itself runs a marketplace that showcases free and paid themes. Pretty quickly this theme stood out to me:


I used chrome dev tools to tinker with the live preview just to see if what I wanted to change would be easy. I was planning to use the theme in a not-as-intended way. I wanted to see if the theme would hold up well to me ripping out lines of code in a somewhat ham-fisted manner. It did.

So with that I pulled the trigger and bought the theme.

In order to effect changes I made changes to the source files and then compressed the parent directory. This would yield something like which I then would upload as a custom theme within Ghost.

To be continued....